Thus far…

It’s February 10, 2009 and it has been in the 60’s for the last 4 days. So far this year, I have started the following:

1 Market Miracle Russian tomato plant
2 Brandywine tomato plants
1 Chiltepin plant (my pride and joy thus far since it is the first time I’ve been able to grow one from seed)
Multiple spearmint plants
2 Anaheim pepper plants
1 Mini Bell sweet pepper plant
1 Strawberry plant from seed
1 Giant Kale plant (to grow into a cane)
1 California Wonder bell pepper plant
1 Jalapeño M

This past weekend I planted the bulk of my seeds but I still have some to do.

This year I am using a heating pad to help start the seedlings with one pleasant surprise; my Tom Tom mini head lettuce and my Tin Tin lettuces sprouted in ONE DAY! I was expecting them to sprout in 10 days but they sprouted overnight so now I have to figure out a way to plant them while it is still cold outside.

I bought a grow light fixture and I spend the day at work wondering if it will catch my house on fire. Actually I bought two grow lights this year, one is a stand made for a plant but I put several small plants under it.

Next I hope to tell you about some of the other stuff I am trying this year in the garden.


2 Responses to “Thus far…”

  1. ESTUARDO Says:

    Where did you get your Chile Tepin Seeds from?
    I have no luck finding any. Did you buy them locally at a store or online?
    How has your chile tepin plant grown to date?
    I know you wrote this a year ago back in 2009, but Id be interested to know. Thanks!

  2. yaquigrande Says:

    I bought my seeds from Thompson & Morgan online. I bought a packet in 2008 and another in 2009. I brought the plant in for the winter and it did really well. The secret was not to overwater. It is ready to go outside now. It has lots of new growth –it’s about 3 feet tall. I want to put it in a bigger pot because the roots are coming out of the drain-holes. I got peppers the first year, lots of them.

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