Short soapbox speech

Clover is not a weed. I repeat, Clover IS NOT a weed.
Clover is a nitrogen fixer. It grabs nitrogen from the air and the bacteria in its roots processes it, thus making it a self-fertilizing plant.
Clover does not need to be watered as often as grass because it grows deeper roots.
So far, clover takes care of: Water Conservation and the Reduction In The Use Of Artificial Fertilizers Which Minimizes The Pollution of Rivers And Streams Due To Run Off.
As a child, I played in parks with Clover/grass lawns and I remember them as the softest, coolest lawns.

Second, I am reading a book called Ultra-Metabolism, and if I believe the things in this book, then I have to declare:
Dandelions ARE NOT weeds either!
Who do I have to call/write incessantly to change the Dandelion’s reputation?

In summary, Clover is good and Dandelions are great.

Over and out.


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