My tablescape

Gina, over at My Skinny Garden blog has a post about tablescapes. I did not know there was a term for your dinner table setup, or maybe it only applies to table setups for special occasions. Anyway, here is a description of my tablescape. (i know, a picture would have been better but my camera is not available at the moment).

  • This week’s bills.
  • Daycare art from my two boys (3 and 5)
  • Some magazines.
  • Our checkbook. It never leaves the table as we seem to pay bills all the time.
  • Wet Wipes. For my 3 year old (he eats like a Viking barbarian)
  • Tissues
  • Napkin holder. Empty at least twice a week.
  • Somewhere under all that, a scented candle for ambiance. I know it’s there because I can smell it.

Maybe later this season, I can replace some of this stuff with a floral arrangement from my yard.

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