One is the loneliest number

I garden alone.

My wife is not interested and my children’s gardening consists of them following me with their toy shovels or my trowels and digging out whatever I put in (actually my 5 year old does help me with useful tasks now and then).

But most of the time it’s just me out there, muttering to the weeds and ground critters and crying silently as the grass “stickers” bury themselves into my flesh.

Sure, gardening time is great for introspection. The dirt and plants speak a very slow language that takes weeks and months so I have plenty of time to think.

Now and again though, company in the garden is nice. Like the Sunday before last, when my friend Tim came around just to chat. He sat and talked while I laid some garden fabric and planted some peppers on the ground. I took a break and we drove to a Starbucks nearby to see if they had any coffee grounds; then we sat at a Taco Bell for some food and drink.

That was nice.

Hey Tim, I finally used the wood you brought me to fence the square-foot-gardening beds!


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