May 7th

And the winner for first tomato of the season is…

Jet Star!

Despite all the warnings I got about starting strawberries from seed, I tried it anyway. I successfully germinated 9 Sarian strawberries and 3 Alpine. This is the only plant that survived the transplant outside. It’s a Sarian Strawberry.

Suckers. There is one born every minute, and you can grow them into full tomato plants once you pinch them! I waited too long and these tomato suckers got big. I knew from experience you could plant them and they will root. I planted these about 10 days ago and they are now shooting new leaves. Some people say that these will not produce fruit but I got fruit from planted suckers last year.

And speaking of tomatoes, this is one of my volunteer tomatoes this year. They don’t look like any tomato seedling I’ve seen before. I know they are tomatoes because I actually found one of these growing from a mummified tomato buried in the bed. I have dozens of them growing in my watermelon bed (all my watermelon seedlings died), This is the bed where I grew the alien cherry tomato last year. My sister-in-law swears they are volunteer trees but these are not growing anywhere else in my yard; and how did the tree seed get inside the mummified tomato?

Last, this is the latest entry in what’s fast becoming the largest category in my gardening blog:
She ate the hose out of one of my rain barrels. Plus, in doing so, she tipped the barrel and all the rain water was spilled.
She also has eaten three branches of my blackberry bush (it’s thornless)
She better be done teething soon, I am tired of fencing everything!

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