A definite lack of pollinators

Where are my pollinators? I have yet to see a bee in my garden. In years past, I’ve had to contend with bees, wild and otherwise, wasps, yellow-jackets, bumblebees, and a number of other winged creatures that are fond of exploring the inside of a flower.
This year? Only flies and mosquitoes.

Yesterday, for the first time, I saw a wasp exploring around the lettuce and a butterfly was hovering around the blackberry bush. That’s it!

One of my neighbors has a HUGE honeysuckle bush that attracts all kinds of living things but this year I haven’t seen any.

So the mystery is: What’s pollinating all my veggies? Is it possible that all the fruit in my plants is the result of wind pollination?

Only the Shadow knows….

Over and out.


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