Apple Watch

Although I planted this apple tree three years ago, I still know very little about apples in general. I think this is a Golden Delicious but I could be wrong.  The id tag fell early last year and I don’t remember. I know it’s a yellow apple of some kind. Anyway, I dutifully planted another apple tree in the mini orchard but that apple tree has not produced any blossoms.  I read in another blog that crab apple trees can pollinate all other apple trees and so I wait with anticipation to see if the giant crab apple tree on my neighbor’s yard did the job.  How far can the crab apple tree be and still pollinate my tree?

It's a yellow apple of some kind

The giant crab apple tree is about 50-60 feet (approx. 15 to 18 meters) away.

Gigantic crab apple looming large over my house

This weekend I worked and worked and I  believe I am about 90% with this stage of the vegetable operation. I still need to get some radishes going and I need to get the watermelon (sugar baby -yellow and red) and cantaloupe (Minnesota Midget). I am late with both!  Here’s a shot of one third of the operation. It looks ugly now but it will get better. I will add more flowers.  And yes, that is an Upsy-Turvy pepper planter there.  They claim you can grow 7 peppers in this thing!! I think they are crazy but I am willing  to try anything.

The vegetable operation

Two years ago, I searched far and wide through the Kansas prairie looking for White Sage.  I did not find any mostly because I did not know what it looked like . Last Spring, my brother bought a little sage plant from a garden center and gave it to me as a visual aid. I put the sage in an old planter and forgot all about it. This Spring, I was surprised to find that the Sage had survived the coldest Winter in memory. Here it is, ready to bloom. I’ve never seen a Sage bloom so I am looking forward to it.

Sage a-blooming...almost

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One Response to “Apple Watch”

  1. Gardener on Sherlock Street Says:

    The pepper planter is interesting looking. Watch it on windy days. I would think it could dry out. You’ve been busy! I hope the apple tree gets going for you.

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