A note from a gardener past

This post is just a historical reference for my own consumption. Before I had this gardening blog, I wrote about my gardening in my personal blog (now abandoned; no one read it, not even me) from where I extracted this small piece of gardening history.

My 2009 gardening season was started on December 8, 2008. We were having a relatively warm Winter and I could not wait to get started. I wanted to prepare the spaces between the 4×4 square foot beds I built during late Summer of 2008. Then, I sowed my first seeds indoors the first week of January 2009. Talk about hopeful! Needless to say, most of my plants got root bound and atrophied by the time I could put them outside. I did not move them to bigger pots because I did not know that once the plant figures it’s not going to get more space, it practically turns into a bonsai plant.

My 2008 gardening season began with me buying tomato plants through the mail. What a fiasco! The plants did not get to me until almost the end of May. I had ordered a bunch of Russian tomato plants –different varieties. The plants looked half dead and they came with a note saying that they looked that way because they had traveled to me across the country. Anyway, I put them on the ground immediately only to lose them to successive hail storms. Not one of those plants survived. Sometime in mid June, I bought a few tomato and pepper plants from a garden center and put them in too-small pots. I did not stake them correctly and one Summer storm broke most of them. My success story in 2008 were my peppers, also bought at a garden center.

My 2007 gardening season consisted of a couple of Roma tomato plants and  a couple of Early Girl tomato plants bought at a garden center. I also planted Cilantro which I never harvested and it went to seed. I saved some Coriander but never used it. I don’t know what happened to the seeds. They are  probably in some jar in my garage. In 2007, I also bought a Yellow Pear tomato plant. I put it in a container. That plant was still alive in November and producing fruit. What a survivor!

My 2006 gardening season consisted of a couple of pepper plants bought at a garden center and several tomato plants. I did grow a cherry tomato from seed that year that still comes up as a volunteer. I think I found the same seed this year at a store. It’s called Large Fruit Red Cherry. This plant grows to a massive, monstrous size and will take over your garden if you let it. It produces LOTS of large Cherry tomatoes. Last year, I let a bunch of the volunteer plants grow and they did well. I grew one of these plants from seed this year (2010) to see if it is the same plant. 2006 is the year when my two year old boy helped me weed by plucking all the green tomatoes off my plants. Also, in 2006, I planted the Plum tree for my second son.

In 2005 I did not grow anything.

In 2004 I did not grow anything as we had just bought the house and we had a brand new baby. This is the year I planted the dwarf Peach tree for my son. I did not know how to properly plant the tree and the tree grew to normal size. This year, in 2010, the tree is almost 15 feet tall and it’s loaded with peaches.


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6 Responses to “A note from a gardener past”

  1. Gardener on Sherlock Street Says:

    Thanks for the historical perspective. I had one of those cherry tomatoes once. It took over half my little plot the year I grew it! I’m glad you’ve kept at the gardening thing. How cool that you planted trees when your sons were born!

    • yaquigrande Says:

      Thank you Gardener. My 6 year will remind me from time to time that HIS tree needs watering. I love it that he thinks of it as his tree because it is his. This year the tree is loaded with peaches. I hope I can bring some to ripeness so he can eat one and maybe share some with the family. My 4 year old has not really shown an interest in his tree yet but then again, he’s only 4.

  2. Melanie Says:

    I stumbled upon your site from a comment you left on Kansas Prairie Gardens. I have been unsuccessfully looking for any Kansas gardening blogs. Hope you don’t mind if I keep track of yours, as I, too am a Ks gardener! Enjoyed!!

    • yaquigrande Says:

      I too have been looking for Kansas blogs. There seems to be few of us blogging about our gardening experiences. Feel free to visit anytime and please, feel free to comment on anything.

  3. Van Says:

    I’m always appreciative when gardeners write about THE DARK SIDE of gardening. The pests, the droughts, the hail and the floods. Flooding killed my hard work last year, freezes delayed my gardening this year- gardening is never predictable. The only thing we can predict that we know the swell of pride we feel when a new seedling comes up is completely addictive. I’ll continue to track your gardening progress here, your gardening efforts are admirable!

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