Cinco de Mah-Yoh

When I started this blog I swore it would be only about gardening. Gardening on its own holds a million fascinations without having to resort to any other topics for interest’s sake. However, there is a topic that, for reasons unknown even to me, I just cannot let go and thus I will abuse this forum to expound on it.  I am oddly obsessed by this; so much so that today, most people who know me will try to avoid me just so they don’t have to hear my Cinco de Mayo speech.

Yes today is Cinco de Mayo (Fifth of May) which celebrates the Battle of Puebla, whereas an outnumbered Mexican army defeated a much larger and better equipped French army back sometime in the 1800’s.

So here’s the speech, much shorter due to the fact that through the years I’ve noticed no one cares: Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexican independence day. Mexican independence day is September the 16th –in case you wanted to know. Also, Cinco de Mayo is much more celebrated here than it is in Mexico. I suspect this is due to the American insatiable appetite for partying. If you really want to experience Cinco de Mayo, visit San Antonio on this day. It’s something.

Now, I know I am asking for trouble by posting this at a time when everybody is in a tizzy one way or another about immigration (legal or otherwise)  BUT, this is not a commentary in any way about immigration.  So please, don’t leave a whole bunch of hateful comments. At best, I expect people to stop reading the post as soon as they realize that it has nothing to do with gardening. But, maybe, just maybe, somewhere in the world somebody will make it to the end of the post and say…”Mmm, I did not know that”

Over and out.

P.S. This is what Puebla looks like,

Something happened here back in the day...


3 Responses to “Cinco de Mah-Yoh”

  1. Gardener on Sherlock Street Says:

    A volcano and a magnificant church! Now, I want to go to Puebla. My husband and I traveled around New Mexico once looking at (dormant) volcanos and churches. It was great but none were as spectacular looking as in that photo. Well, the cathedral in Santa Fe was pretty awesome.
    PS-I downloaded the Climate-Friendly Gardener but haven’t had time to read it yet!

  2. yaquigrande Says:

    I too loved the churches in New Mexico, especially Chimayo.
    A friend from around the Puebla area collects ashes from every time that volcano burps and keeps them in tagged and dated baby food jars. People collect the strangest stuff!

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