Milkweed Grown Here

The good folks at the Backyard Gardeners booth at the Delano Community Farmer’s Market were handing out free Milkweed seeds this past Wednesday. If you haven’t heard yet, the Monarch butterflies ran into bad weather in their wintering sites in Mexico and this took a toll on their population numbers. As they return to their Summer stomping grounds here in the Great Plains and the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S., it would be really nice if we made food and shelter available for them. I think I missed their migration North but hopefully my Milkweed plants will be mature enough for them to get nutrients for their trip South during the Fall.

The Delano Community Farmer’s Market meets every Wednesday from May to October at the Senior Center at 200 S. Walnut in Wichita.

Milkweed for the Monarchs


There will be peas. Next year I will plant peas on the first of March (zone 6 here) and I will plant a lot of them!

There'd be peas here Capt'n!


The second tomato plant to produce fruit in my garden is the Galina tomato plant. Galina tomatoes are cherry type tomatoes. They are very pretty yellow tomatoes and have a good sweet flavor with a tinge of acid. The plant is an indeterminate plant so it needs to be supported by stakes, cages or some other method. This tomato is of Russian provenance.

Over and out.

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3 Responses to “Milkweed Grown Here”

  1. Princessdiva Says:

    I have started butterfly weed inside the last 2 years (well actually 3 years but the first year while I was with our 3 month old in Wesley with RSV, my husband set them outside while they were remodeling my kitchen. . .1st week in March–you can imagine what happened). They start very well from seed. The ones I put in the ground last year are coming back. I thought last week that only two of the plants had survived (out of maybe 10), but I noticed earlier this week that a few others are making their way up. I put in about 10 more seedlings this year too. I love the BRIGHT orange color!! Good luck!

  2. Gardener on Sherlock Street Says:

    I really need to try and incorporate milkweed into my garden somewhere. I grow dill simply for the caterpillars that make swallowtail butterflies and sunflowers for the little butterflies whose caterpillars feed on the leaves.
    Your peas are really moving along.

  3. yaquigrande Says:

    Thanks! I am happy to know that the plants are perennial for us. I have never seen one although I am sure it grows wild around here.

    I saw a video on YouTube of a dill plant covered with the black and white caterpillars of the swallow tail butterfly. I have what looks like a dill plant growing among my carrots. I think the seed got mixed in with the carrot seeds so I look forward to swallow tail caterpillars (maybe). Much to my chagrin, I think I did not plant enough pea plants!

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