Well, I did ask for it…

Not too many days ago, I was complaining about the lack of rain. It got cloudy for sure. Big, fat, dark gray clouds mixed with light gray clouds rolled over my neighborhood promising lots of rain but delivering none. I wasn’t happy. I had to water my plants with city water and I could just hear my plants moaning about all the chlorine and what knows what else is in our city water (have you all read about the pharmaceuticals in our water supply that are near to impossible to get rid of?). But then came Monday and we got rain; lots of rain…and tornadoes. Still, because my old rain barrel had a leak, I only got about 20+ gallons of rain water. I petitioned the universe for more rain. The rain came. I stood under my back porch with my 4 year old, watching with satisfaction as the rain came down and the spouts poured precious rain water into both the new rain barrel and the 50 gallon drum I found at the back of an old warehouse.  By the way, since I don’t know what came in the 50 gallon drum I found, I intend to use that rain water for flowers only. My 4 year old ran out into the rain jumping and splashing until I got him back under the porch –he was wearing his school shoes. The rain fell firmly but gently, the air smelled of green leaves and wet grass; my old dog lay at my feet. Then, the wind began to whip the tops of the trees hard and the rain came down in sheets so white and thick that I couldn’t make the fence at the end of my yard clearly and I began to worry. Next, the sharp, punctuated rasps of hail hitting the roof of the house made my heart sink. I watched in horror as quarter-size hail pummeled my yard, collecting in my containers like those fancy, multicolored glass beads I see on vases in my office (often with a Gerbera on top). Thankfully, the hail onslaught was brief  but the rain continued. Because of the rain, I could not undertake a detailed inspection of my plants. I will have to do that at lunch time today. Our local county extension office, only about 1/2 mile from my house, reported that 3.5 inches of rain fell yesterday. Now, can we have some warm sunny days? Please?

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4 Responses to “Well, I did ask for it…”

  1. Gardener on Sherlock Street Says:

    I hope your plants are ok after the hail. So much rain for you so quickly. Mother Nature can’t seem to understand subtle. Hopefully, some sunny days ahead will help the plants grow and recover. Love the part about your son in the rain.

  2. Princessdiva Says:

    We had NO rain and NO storms, but the bottom line is NO rain!! My front yard is turning brown, like the grass in August! YUCK!! We have some more chances later this week, but also more chances for storms! Hope the plants are well!

  3. yaquigrande Says:

    Thank you.Today was sunny so things are drying up a bit. I never got a chance to look at my plants but I’ll do it this evening.

    Yeah, it can be like that sometimes, which is why I want at least two more rain barrels to get me past the dry spells.

  4. Stephanie Says:

    oopss… I hope it will not be too hot for you later ha ha… Well, if you have plenty of water in stock then, it will be ok I guesss. The weather here seems to be on the extreme side here too. Global warming effects? Nonetheless, have a great day!

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