die Sonne Scheint: More neurotic Kansas weather

I took a German class back in the Middle Ages in college. In a whole semester this is all I learned and I finally get to use it! Yes the sun is out after eternal cloud cover and rain. My rain gauge registered 1.5 inches in one day. I stopped looking at the rain gauge; it just did not matter. Along with the interminable rain, we had day temperatures in the 60’s (Fahrenheit) and night temperatures in the low 50’s.

The sun was out when I left for work this morning and the disembodied voice in my car radio told me to expect highs in the 80’s for today. Tomorrow, we get 90’s! I guess expecting gentle temperatures in Spring –like 72 or so, was too much to ask.

Nonetheless, my veggies just move along. Tomatoes are growing everywhere. The carrots should be ready for harvest next week. I ate some peas straight off the vine and learned a valuable lesson: plant LOTS of peas if you want enough to share. The cabbage and broccoli are not developed enough to deal with the upcoming heat. We’ll see.

Over and out.


2 Responses to “die Sonne Scheint: More neurotic Kansas weather”

  1. Gardener on Sherlock Street Says:

    That sunshine is going to make the plants really take off with all the rain. Heat so quickly not good but I’m more worried about the wind. Have a good weekend in the garden.

  2. yaquigrande Says:

    Thank you. There is lots of weeding to be done but I will enjoy it!

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