Cabbage Fail

I was thinking that it was too warm for the cabbage to continue and expected it to bolt. When I checked on it however, it was a disaster of a different kind that struck.

These little guys were under every cabbage leaf

Here's a better view of the cabbage invaders

"Hey!, this doesn't taste like cabbage!"

I exercised organic methods of eradication; they all met their doom between by big fat fingers. I wonder if the cabbage will recover.


I harvested what may be the last handful of peas. The large one is from one of two plants that managed to sprout after my dogs murderous dig early this Spring. I shared these peas with my neighbor as we caught up on neighborhood  gossip at the fence.  She too likes to eat them straight off the vine. The strawberries were exceedingly sweet. I only have a few plants so we get a few strawberries at the time.

Today's harvest


I sowed zucchini weeks ago and forgot about it. The constant rains washed away the hills. Today, I found two zucchini plants sprouting their heart out. I dug moats around them and fed them.

"Sorry we're late"

Over and out.


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