My zombie gardening blog

I so wish I could start growing plants again! Life has taken me in various and sundry roads that I was unprepared for. As a result, I could not start a plant without knowing if I could give it the time it needed.

The future is still uncertain but whenever I look at the empty space where my garden was, my heart aches with the longing of watching the miracles of germination, blooming, and fruition.

I hope to be able to start at least one plant this season!

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One Response to “My zombie gardening blog”

  1. Gardener On Sherlock Street Says:

    Good to see you’re still out there at least dreaming of a garden. I hope you find that one plant. Get something that takes care of itself. Basil needs sun and water. You eat the prunings. Peppers are pretty easy. I remember you having peppers. Hope to hear from you again!!!

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