Who, me?

Growing vegetables and some flowers in South Central Kansas. Most certainly not a gardener, at best, a grower of plants. I like to grow my plants from seed although I will buy from a garden center now and then. I have a wife, two beautiful boys, and two dogs. UPDATE: My old dog Bo died. He was a very good dog.

UPDATE on the UPDATE: Both my old dogs died and I now have two new dogs. The puppy is not a puppy anymore and so we got yet another puppy. Thankfully, the new puppy is not near as destructive as the old puppy (now grown) was.


7 Responses to “Who, me?”

  1. Kent Roberts Says:

    Checked out your blog today. Neat stuff. You have spent and lot of time getting things set up and planted.

  2. Wichita Rain Barrels Says:

    We have been asked to participate again this year in the Energy Sustainability Fair and will have great deals again on our Wichita Rain Barrels. We are still waiting to find out about the great deal the City of Wichita has gotten for you but I do know it will be well worth the time to come on down and participate in the Summit and Fair. We are also do a presentation on rain barrels this year and will have some great hand outs to distribute. We are really excited and hope to see you there!

    PS this means we are selling Wichita Rain barrels for 25.00 each, regular price is 100.00!

  3. Susan Says:

    In regards to your fence photo, I’m curious why you left the long poles so long, and fenced the bottom, but the top half of the poles remain fence-less. What purpose do you have in mind? I’m asking because I like the wood and wire, we’re about to replace the outer fencing around our vegetable garden, which functions purely to keep our big dog out of the beds. but right now we have a ranch style thing going on and it’s blocking too much of the view and I want to instead, build one with that deer fencing, but also want some wood involved to warm it up a bit. Aesthetics matter.
    So in my web search your photo popped up and I’m just curious how you use the tall end of the posts for the fencing. ; )thanks.

    • yaquigrande Says:

      Thank you for visiting my slumbering blog! My dog can jump very high and I originally intended to have a very high fence but in the interim, my dog seemed to lose interest in the garden and I did not have to fence the top portion. It’s amazing how much influence our dogs have when it comes to our gardens!

  4. Janey Says:


    I hope you’re having an awesome week! I thought you might like this infographic I helped build about the health, mental, and financial benefits of gardening (http://blog.lochnesswatergardens.com/how-gardening-benefit/).

    If you think your readers would like it too, please feel free to use it on the Grow and Tell blog. There’s code at the bottom of our post that makes it super easy to post on your blog. It’s all free (of course). If you have any questions about posting it, let me know and I’ll try to help.

    I don’t know where else to contact you so I just posted a comment here. 🙂


    ~ Janey

  5. Su Says:

    Hey! I noticed that you haven’t posted much on your blog as of late and I can’t find a way to contact you. If you get the some time, could you shoot me an email to talk about the future of the blog? Thanks in advance!

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