tomato death watch

We had a thunderstorm come through last night. When I went to bed it was in the 70s so I left the tomatos out to get a little rain water. When I awoke this morning, it was 37 degrees…I looked at the tomatos and they sure seemed like they did not appreciate that big change in temperature. I slacked and did not check the weather and now I am examining the tomatoes every 30 minutes or so waiting for the moment of death…or maybe they’ll surprise me. (the temperature is up to 44 degrees and the sun is full out at the time of writing)

I also got to unpack and try my new gardening gadget. It worked really well on the loomy soil of the square gardening beds. I am somewhat conflicted about using a machine when I could be turning my soil the old fashion way but I think I will need this when the plants are fully developed and I need to cultivate around them. Plus, it really does save time and it allows me to target small areas.


Ugly for sure

I put my tomatoes out the other day for the first time when the temperature got to 50 degrees and the sun was full out. Although I only left them out for an hour, a couple of them did not do very well. So this time out, I devised a quick “cloche” and put one of the Brandywine tomatoes out for half a day. Ugly yes, but it appears to have worked. The Brandywine did not look bad at all when I brought it in for the night.

Also, most of my seedlings are ready to be transplanted into pots. This year I have committed myself to using peat pots so that’s where most of these little guys are going. From there they are going into their final containers.

I have one more set of seeds to sow and that will be the last of them. The next step: fighting weather, bugs, curious children and curious dogs.

Peppers and Tomatoes