Thus far…

It’s February 10, 2009 and it has been in the 60’s for the last 4 days. So far this year, I have started the following:

1 Market Miracle Russian tomato plant
2 Brandywine tomato plants
1 Chiltepin plant (my pride and joy thus far since it is the first time I’ve been able to grow one from seed)
Multiple spearmint plants
2 Anaheim pepper plants
1 Mini Bell sweet pepper plant
1 Strawberry plant from seed
1 Giant Kale plant (to grow into a cane)
1 California Wonder bell pepper plant
1 JalapeƱo M

This past weekend I planted the bulk of my seeds but I still have some to do.

This year I am using a heating pad to help start the seedlings with one pleasant surprise; my Tom Tom mini head lettuce and my Tin Tin lettuces sprouted in ONE DAY! I was expecting them to sprout in 10 days but they sprouted overnight so now I have to figure out a way to plant them while it is still cold outside.

I bought a grow light fixture and I spend the day at work wondering if it will catch my house on fire. Actually I bought two grow lights this year, one is a stand made for a plant but I put several small plants under it.

Next I hope to tell you about some of the other stuff I am trying this year in the garden.