Give peas a chance

The peas are up! Now, if we can have a Spring, I may actually get some peas this year

My fruit trees are all in bloom –er, except for the apple trees. Here’s the nectarine tree

My tiny pear tree that I expected to die this winter is also blooming

The strawberries are starting to bloom as well

And…drum roll please…tah-rrumph, tah-rrumph, tah-rrump… The Winter Sown tomato seeds sprouted today!
If you look very carefully, you can see the two Oregon Spring tomato seedlings in the plastic milk jug. I sowed three seeds March 4th so it took just about a month. Sure, they are several weeks behind my indoor sown seeds but they may catch up yet since they will not have to struggle with the hardening up process. Next season I may sow all my tomato seeds this way.

Also, I finished the tomato cage and put fifteen buckets each with a different variety of tomato inside. Some of the buckets are SubIrrigated Planters (SIPs) and some are just 5 gallon buckets with dirt in them. I am using the few plastic watering spikes that I have left after Lexie, my 1yr old dog, dug and ate many of them.

Other things up and growing are: Apache salad onions, Nantes carrots, Red Cabbage, Leaf lettuce and garlic.