First Tomato of 2010!

As I expected, the first tomato plant to set fruit was the Amateur’s Dream plant in the cage in a sub-irrigated container. The tomatoes look a couple of days old so I am going to say they set probably on May 4th or before.

Amateur's Dream Wins First Tomato of the Season Award!

Now, conventional wisdom says that a tomato will not set fruit unless night temperatures rise above 50°F but I contend that with the advent of Russian tomatoes, this should be amended to say that some tomatoes need temperatures above 50°F and some do not.

Many tomato plants in my area are just now making it outside because night temperatures are finally rising.  The setting of fruit is ruled by a complex set of variables of which night time temperatures is but one. I would say that sunlight exposure is more important than night time temperatures. Maybe I am wrong. Hey, sometimes a gamble pays off.

One thing you may notice in the picture is that one of the tomatoes is pleated or cat faced. Cat face can occur, I read, when fruit sets in cold temperatures.


Thinning carrots, or lettuce or any other plant seems like such a waste to me. These carrots were planted on a strip to minimize thinning. It did not minimize thinning for me! I ate these carrots by the way; they were delicious.

Carrots Interrupted


On several of my tomato plants, the leader on the main stem has curled severely. I have never seen this before. I hope it is because of the cold nights we experienced recently and not because of some disease. I took pictures of this oddity but I could not get a good representative photo to show you. This is the best I could do without stripping the leaves off the vine.

Curled like a pig's tail

Over and out.