Free seeds!

Kelly from was generously giving seeds away and I, being a sucker for free stuff –and vegetables, was quick to add myself to the list.

The seeds arrived Friday, Yeah!  This is what she sent:

  • Winter squash ‘Delicata’
  • Tomato ‘Yellow Ruffled’
  • Hollyhock Pink
  • Tomato ‘Green Zebra’
  • Purple tomatillo.

I had none of these seeds so I am excited to try them all. I am especially excited about the Purple Tomatillo and the Hollyhock. A friend in Facebook sent me Hollyhock seeds last year but my then young puppy Lexie dug all my seedlings up. None survived. Lexie is less wild now so I am hopeful for Hollyhocks next year.

Kelly operates a seed bank. You can visit the seed bank’s website here:

Thank you Kelly!!!

Free seeds from

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