Abandoned Blog? No, merely out-hussled

As it happens every Winter, I look out and I am reminded of all the work I need to do to prepare for the coming planting season. As I did that this morning, I remembered that I have not posted anything here. It was quite a late Summer and Fall in 2010. My 6 year old learned to ride his bike and many an afternoon was dedicated to rides around the neighborhood. We decided it was time to learn how to skate as well (including me!) and time was alloted for that. Boy Scouts (although we were forced to drop out temporarily due to work time constraints on my part). The list of competing activities go on and on. I am not complaining though. My most successful and important garden has two very active little boys.

As for the garden. I will grow much less stuff this year.  Last year there was no way to keep up with everything. I will start planning what I will grow soon.

‘Til then…