It’s a deep subject

I have a well and for the past three years I have not used it. This well was dug by the original owner of this house. The well was dug solely for watering the lawn. I know this because the sprinkler system was connected to the well and the well was capped. Three years ago the pump of the sprinkler system went out and I could not get a single sprinkler company to fix it. I suppose there is no money on replacing pumps. I suppose if I called them to install a new sprinkler system they would come. I suppose I could just replace my lawn with something else. Last year I began searching for an inexpensive hand pump system to pump water from this well. It is just sitting there going to waste.

Free water for the taking


My 50 gallon rain barrel is full. I need more rain barrels! Joe’s Car Wash here in town sells 55 gallon plastic drums for $20 dollars. They were out for the moment but I left my name and number and they will call me when they have some available.

50 gallons ready to go!


I bagged some fruit on the trees to see what happens. The idea is to protect the fruit from bugs and birds. This has been done for a long time in Asia and for a while in the U.S. I used cheap zip-lock bags acquired at the dollar store. Cut holes at the bottom corners and zip around the stem of the fruit. Staple on both sides of the stem. This is easier if you zip the bag half-way and put one staple on before you insert the fruit in the bag. I am excited to see the results in late Summer.

It's in the bag


The Amateur’s Dream tomatoes are growing nicely. My cabbage and broccoli are doing well. The peas are┬ábeginning┬áto plump and just about every tomato plant in the garden has blooms. The potato plants are lush. I found a caterpillar in one of the tomato plants and some aphids in one of the apple trees. Other than that, the bugs are elsewhere.

Looking good!

This little guy was having lunch.

Hey! I am eating here!

Over and out.