Drum roll please…

Recently, Gardener on Sherlock Street gave me an award for being a versatile blogger. My part was to tell a little about me and to pass the award forward to another blogger. So I considered all the bloggers whose blogs I read. At first I only thought of gardening blogs since that is the kind of blog I read mostly. There is Our Engineered Garden whereas the blogger shares with us all the neat and cool stuff he does to grow plants. Then there is Green Roof Growers. Their middle name is versatility! I could go on and on about all the wonderful, creative gardening blogs out there. However, I read one blog that has little to do with gardening. This blog is primarily a story telling blog with music, poems, photography and more. Versatility comes to mind when you read this blog. Thus, I hereby grant the Versatile Blogger Award to Prairie Air.

Rock On!

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One Response to “Drum roll please…”

  1. Gardener on Sherlock Street Says:

    These are great blogs you’ve listed. I’m checking them out a bit and see so much great information on gardening; plus, enjoying the Prairie Air site.

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