Hail AND High Water

The first murderous hail storm of the season descended upon my plants like an Old Testament plague. Gardening in Kansas requires the patience of Job. Here is a photo of the pea to dime size hail pummeling my California Wonder sweet pepper plants that just got planted yesterday:

Death from the skies

This hail storm follows several days of high winds which sometimes gusted to 50 miles per hour (approx. 80 kilometers per hour); not to mention the temperatures in the mid 80’s Fahrenheit (around 29 C).  Like I said, if you don’t have a thick skin, gardening in Kansas is not for you.

White death

I am too chicken to go see the rest of my plants. I hope that this is not a repeat of 3 years ago when we got 5 or so hail storms in a two week period.  That year, my plants never recovered and I had to buy plants from a garden center.


2 Responses to “Hail AND High Water”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Oh no! I hope most, if not all your plants are ok. The drops of ‘stones’ look big. Well, I hope this is the last storm and would not happen again. Take care!

  2. More and more… « Grow And Tell Says:

    […] it is the strongest, fastest-growing tomato plant in the lot! It shook of the damage from the most recent hail storm like it was nothing. I remember the tomatoes tasted ok from last season. I intend to do a better […]

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