I worked and worked at getting all my plants this far only to come home one day and find them all beaten and abused. My Da Barrao tomato plant in the cage was brutally assaulted by a pair of thugs whom I found napping at the base of the plant after their Roman-like gorging.  The assailants hollowed-out the vine until it separated completely from the plant.

My Habanero plant and my Grandpa’s Home Pepper pepper plants were also attacked by the same type of caterpillar. The peppers were feet away –one is at least 12 feet away. All plants may recover. I hope.

The tip of the tomato plant, separated from the plant


The Perpetrators


The Geum is about to bloom. I don’t remember what the flower looks like so I am excited. The rest of the perennial flowers I planted look very sad. I hope that this is a temporary condition as they settle into their new surroundings.


I found a really good video on YouTube that shows you how to build a rain barrel using a trash can and some pvc pipe and pvc fittings.  I got some of the stuff at Lowe’s but not everything. I want to have all I need ready when the 55 gallon drums are available at the car wash.

Over and out.


2 Responses to “Attacked!”

  1. Gardener on Sherlock Street Says:

    Those perpetrators look like cutworms. They can wreck havoc fast. I’ve heard you should wrap the bottom stem of of your tomato and pepper plants with foil or put a little stick in the ground next to the stem so the worm can’t wrap all the way around and cut down the plant which would kill it being cut to the ground. Try googling cutworm. There are a lot of tricks. I hope everything regrows.

  2. Princessdiva Says:

    I am excited about looking at the rainbarrel video!! Thanks for the tip–hope you don’t make those boys wait too long before fixing that zip line for them 🙂 You’ll be the hero for sure!

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